How Does React Native Manage to Stay in Trend?

As the Best React Native Company in India, it is important to stay up to date with the trends in the industry and build ideas around the key topics in order to provide high rated React Native Services in India. Because, who doesn’t know how efficient the platform is and this is the major reason behind it holding a defined place in the top industry.

React Native has lately been an issue of a great deal of debate. Mainly due to the calling off of Airbnb if their React Native Development, the frontend community became quite skeptical of choosing React Native for their next big project. After a while, people got a little calmer about this and a few big names such as Microsoft and Shopify declared their adoption of React Native. However, Facebook’s announcement that it was the revamping of the iOS messenger that made no mention of React Native, led to a yet another debate over whether Facebook was still interested in developing it.

Does it mean that they had dumped react native? Does it make it effectively dead? In our search for the answer, let us first understand how it has progressed in the recent past.

We are all aware of what happened back in 2015 when Facebook Launched React Native- a framework for building native apps using React. React Native has ever since been used not just by Facebook, but also other tech giants such as Microsoft, Walmart, Shoipfy and Wix. Let’s take a look at a few major reasons why one might select React Native for their mobile application or for a new feature in an existing mobile app.

Cross Platform: Write once, use anywhere. Seraphic stands out in the enormous competition and helps companies move at a faster pace with greater stability because their team of experts understand that in today’s times, moving fast isn’t an option; it is a necessity.

Managing three different teams- Android, iOS, and web- for a single product, is not easy for most companies. This isn’t just costlier; it can also hinder the product’s pace. React Native allows teams to share up to 95% of their code across Android and iOS. It can prove to be a huge benefit in the era where agile development is so prominent.

Additionally, it is possible to share a React Native codebase with the web as well.

React: Declarative UI:

Without a doubt, the concepts of declarative UI and component-based architecture have revolutionized front-end development. By allowing the frontend developers to build large-scale applications, it is being made possible to build more predictable ones with fewer bugs.

Due to the reason that React Native has been adopted by various tech giants and e-commerce giants too, it becomes sort of mandatory to identify and showcase how helpful it has been for the applications that use React Native in their production.

Ever since the beginning, the motto of React Native has been “Learn once, write anywhere.” React Native’s services have grown as the motto spread. Wouldn’t it be great if we could leverage all these amazing concepts as we work with mobile applications?